Parenting Teenagers

  • istock_000019839118xsmall-e1354844575596Do you currently have or will soon have teenagers living in your home?
  • Do you desire a strong healthy relationship with your teens?
  • Are you concerned that the stresses, pressures, and influences of the world may have devastating implications for your teenager and your family?
  • Are you interested in a group of parents who are committed to sharing with each other, encouraging, learning, praying, and striving to build strong, healthy, Godly relationships with their teens?

A group of us will be meeting this Sunday, October 16 @ 9:30am at the C3 Facility.  We will pray, encourage, and discuss resources that can help us prepare our teens for a hostile world.

One resource we will consider is the Alpha Parenting Teen Course.  Take a look at some of the promo materials.  Also, feel free to bring other ideas that we may find helpful.

Parenting Redefined

The aim of The Parenting Teenagers Course is to equip parents and caregivers of teenagers aged 11-18 years old with strategies to build a healthy relationship while guiding them into adulthood.
We are the main influence on our teenagers’ future. Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference. Meeting our teenagers’ deepest needs, setting healthy boundaries, helping to develop their emotional health and teaching them how to make good choices takes skill and dedication. Taking time to reflect on our end goal can help us to build our relationship with our teenagers now.

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