Rule of Life

A Rule of Life is a means of ordering your world around God. It puts structure to your desire to know and follow Jesus.

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Micro Groups

Micro Groups are groups of 2 -3 deep friends who have committed to following Jesus, encouraging one another, and seeking God's Kingdom.

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Community Groups

Community Groups are the full realization of the body of Jesus. They incorporate all ages and revolve around the Table.

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Free/Inexpensive Digital Resources for your Church

For churches, there are a number of key tasks and inexpensive / free digital resources that can greatly help your ministry: Websites WordPress – – offers a free blogging service with many customizable options.  Wordpress is also standalone website/blog that can be installed on a hosting service like Hostmonster.  It is very easy to set

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Emotionally Mature Community

How do you deal with conflict?  It might seem like an easy question.  But really take a moment and reflect back on your most recent conflicts.  What emerged from you?  Don’t worry about the others or the situation, just focus on your response.  Think about how you reacted physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally? Our reaction

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Emotional Health

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Have you ever wondered why, even though you know Jesus, believe in Him, and even see Him move in your life, there are still areas where you remain stuck.  Some of us have been Christians for a long time, our faith has grown but many of our behaviors and reactions have hardly

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Did you know that we keep our C3 Calendar online so that it is easier for you to find out what is going on?  Check it out and let us know if there is something we are missing or needs adjusting. C3 Calendar Online