Rule of Life

A Rule of Life is a means of ordering your world around God. It puts structure to your desire to know and follow Jesus.

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Micro Groups

Micro Groups are groups of 2 -3 deep friends who have committed to following Jesus, encouraging one another, and seeking God's Kingdom.

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Community Groups

Community Groups are the full realization of the body of Jesus. They incorporate all ages and revolve around the Table.

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A friend told me about this video.  It is done by one of the biggest churches in America and is filled with satire about the megachurch (themselves).  Enjoy. “Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Exponential Growth Lecture

Below is a lecture by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett at the University of Colorado at Boulder that, while a bit boring, does a very good job describing the math behind the power of exponential growth.  He goes on in to then make some rather interesting economic projections. httpv://

Three Es

Chris Martenson has an interesting online course that describes some fascinating economic trends, that in one form or another may shape our future and mission.  Before we get into this, I think that it is very important to understand that, while some of the information presented is based off of hard facts, other information is

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Exponential Growth

Below is a video that describes in, layman’s terms, exponential growth.  This is incredibly important for a number of reasons.  The two most important reasons, in my opinion, are: Our world may have turned the corner in many incredibly important areas (i.e. population growth, economics, resource usage). The church as Jesus established it is designed

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