Rule of Life

A Rule of Life is a means of ordering your world around God. It puts structure to your desire to know and follow Jesus.

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Micro Groups

Micro Groups are groups of 2 -3 deep friends who have committed to following Jesus, encouraging one another, and seeking God's Kingdom.

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Community Groups

Community Groups are the full realization of the body of Jesus. They incorporate all ages and revolve around the Table.

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Introduction to the Rule of Life

An Introduction to the Rule of Life Most of us desire to live a well-ordered life that reflects what we truly believe about ourselves, the world and God. Yet it is not uncommon for us to move through our minutes, days, months and years with one area or more consuming most of our energy, leaving

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Mission Giving

missionsupport The NAJO mission is moving very quickly! The Miyamotos have been incredibly busy connecting with many people throughout our region.  Their schedule is often packed with home Bible studies, visiting churches and developing new relationships. We are looking for more people who would be willing to support this mission.  Please prayerfully consider: Committing to

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C3 Bookstore

Did you know that C3 has an online bookstore? Thanks to Amazon we can highlight some of our favorite resources.  Take some time and browse the store.  Maybe there is something for you or a friend. Also, if you have some suggestions of what other might enjoy please let us know. By the way, the

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Spontaneous Worship

Below is a wonderful video of a choir who spontaneously began to sing in a mall food court in Niagra on Nov. 13th.  I think it is fascinating how the choir emerges and changes the entire landscape from within and then disappears again. httpv://


A friend told me about this video.  It is done by one of the biggest churches in America and is filled with satire about the megachurch (themselves).  Enjoy. “Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Exponential Growth Lecture

Below is a lecture by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett at the University of Colorado at Boulder that, while a bit boring, does a very good job describing the math behind the power of exponential growth.  He goes on in to then make some rather interesting economic projections. httpv://