Biblical Study Tools

There are a tremendous number of powerful Biblical tools available to everyone.  Below are a few online resources that you may find helpful:

  1. Bible Gateway ( This website offers a large number of Bible translations and tools.
    1. One nice feature is its ability to have parallel versions open at the same time.  Different translations can often help you understand the original meaning.  Bible Gateway offers many English, other modern Languages as well as ancient Greek and Hebrew.Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.44.59 AM
    2. It has a nice search feature that allows searches for very specific words or topics.  So if you would like to see all of the references to Abraham in a particular translation simply type Abraham in the keyword search.Bible Gateway Keyword Search
    3. Many of the translations have significant footnotes and cross references that can be very helpful in understanding the greater Biblical context.Bible Gateway Notes
  2. Bible Suite – ( For those who would like to do a little more research, Bible Suite offers a number of fantastic tools.
    1. The interlinear Greek study Bible is very helpful to look at the original language and see how the language is structured and translated.  Each word is hyperlinked to the concordance entries and even the parsing definitions.  So, if you are reading a passage and you want to see how the word ‘elect’ is used (ἐκλεκτοῖς), you can click on it and find its other occurences.Bible Suite InterlinearBible Suite Concordance
    2. The Parallel Gospel tool allows you to see a particular event in the gospels and how each of the authors may have referred to it.   Sometimes there is an almost exact parallel and sometimes there are significant variations.Bible Suite Parallels
    3. Bible Study Tools – ( Sometimes you need to research a particular concept in order to get a little better understanding of how it all fits together.  A Bible Dictionary is a wonderful tool that can give a good overview of usage as well as some of the meaning of the particular concept.  Online, ‘Bakers Evangelical Dictionary’ is very useful.Bakers Evangelical Dictionary

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