Sea of Change

We are living in an incredibly turbulent time.  It seems like every day there is new massive upheaval in the economy, world politics, local systems of government and families.  The placid lake that we have been wading playfully into and building beautiful sand castles around, has turned into a boiling sea, with high winds, crushing waves, strong currents, and massive chaos.

Yet, such a sea, while being very dangerous, is also life giving.

It is dangerous if we foolishly wade out, like an unstable toddler before a large wave.  It is dangerous if we invest all of our resources in week structures along the shore that will fall before the mighty surf.

It is life giving, as the turbulent waves, wind, and currents mix oxygen into the water below.  The ebb and flow purifies the water while it infuses the entire environment with life.  This chaotic movement allows organic life to thrive below and surfers to ride above!

So what does this mean for us who are watching our sand castles crushed by the waves?  What does this mean for us who have a difficult time standing on the shore let alone balance on a surf board?

It means that life is changing.  And either we change or we die.  This is very hard concept.  But, to resist the waves, fight the wind, or ignore the currents is not only an exercise in futility, but is also incredibly dangerous.  Yet, if we can embrace the change and ride the waves, not only do we avoid death, but we find ourselves in the midst of the ride of our lives.

The good news is that we, who follow the way of Jesus, have all the abilities and power to thrive in these chaotic times.  Over the next days and weeks we will look at a number of the massive chaotic forces we face and hopefully, together, we can learn new ways to live in the chaotic sea.

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