NAJO News/Update

Hi, friends:                                                                               
We’re always encouraged by your prayer support. Thank you!!  Here is our on-going activities :

                       /////  January, 2012 UPDATE  /////

1st. Sun.   FCC   3:00 Ann Arbor – Japanese worship
2nd Mon.  Car fix (we borrowed a car from Ojiro family)
                    Bible Study(B.S)/New year party at Sugimoto’s
6th Fri.     12:00-5:00pm B.S with Etsuko, Hiroko and S.Miya
                  7:00 B.S. with Hirofumi and Akiko
7th Sat.    Japanese Cooking&Fellowship with FCC members
                20+attended and enjoyed cooking demonstration and a lot of food
                Rumiko shared a testimony “what happened after Tsunami”
                3:30 Open House at Mr.&Mrs. Kurata (moved to Novi from St. Louis,MO)
8th Sun    FCC / C3 

9th Mon   10:00-11:30 Spotlight ESL  11:30-2:30 Lunch/Basic Bible with Saori, Hiroko,
                Yuko, Reiko, Etsuko and Junko(new!)
10th Tue   7:00 Najo meeting
11th Wed  B.S with Tomoko and Noriko(new!)
12th Thu   Cell Group at Etsuko’s and Tomomi’s Baby shower
13th Fri     B.S with Akiko (because of snow, we used Skype)
14th Sat    Japanese worship service at Miyamoto’s
15th Sun   FCC      3:00 Ann Arbor – Japanese worship

16th Mon  Four FCC members helped us to take down Christmas Decoration
17th Tue   B.S/dinner with Junko
18th Wed 11:00 New B.S with Masumi Murata in Ann Arbor
                (She accepted Jesus through Rumiko Bird lately)
19th Thu  Pastors meeting downtown //  Detroit Motor Show //Cell Group at Etsuko’s
21st Sat   Battle Creek – Japanese worship
22nd Sun 3:00 Ann Arbor – Japanese worship

23rd Mon Spotlight ESL  11:30 Lunch/Basic B.S
25th Wed B.S with Yoko
26th Thu  Cell Group at Etsuko’s    
27th Fri    Home COOKing Class  (usually over 20 members attending from spotlight & FFF)
29th Sun  9:45 Bretton Woods Covenant Church, Lansing 
30th Mon Spotlight ESL   11:30 Basic B.S at Miyamoto’s

Holland: Four Japanese students accepted Jesus and three of them will be baptized on Mar.11,’12
Battle Creek: Usually attend worship at Mr.&Mrs.Mizuta’s over 35 people. Some of them asking
                         Shunichi have a B.S once a month
Child care on Mondays 13:00-14:30 and 2nd Sat. 13:00-14:30
Car donation (by May 2012)
Green Card

      Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites(Japanese) is that they may be saved.  Rm10:1
* * * * * NAJO
Shunichi & Masako Miyamoto
 宮本 俊一、正子