Charodic Structures

Transformation by Design

Below is a very good interview with Dee Hock the founder of VISA about the new chaordic systems needed to thrive in this chaotic world. I believe that this new type of business thinking has proven to be incredibly successful for VISA.  Ironically,  while the business world is just awakening to this, the followers of Jesus have a rich history of this in the early church and many other movements that are thriving today.

Chaordic [kay’ordic] adj. fr. chaos and order: 1. the behaviour of any self-governing organism, organization or system which harmoniously blends characteristics of order and chaos. 2. patterned in a way dominated by neither chaos or order. 3. characteristic of the fundamental prganizing principles of evolution and nature. We share here two books and a web site on different ways of hosting meetings, processes and project work.

“We must seriously question the concepts underlying the current structure of organization and whether they are suitable to the management of accelerating societal and environmental problems – and, even beyond that, we must seriously consider whether they are the primary cause of those problems.”

– Dee Hock

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