Prepare for War

We are in the midst of a war, a war over the souls of humanity and the freedom of all creation. We did not choose this war, even though we are often complicit in the advancement of the enemy.  Instead, we are assaulted, oppressed, and deceived by an enemy that knows too well our weaknesses.  The war is waged against us, our children, our neighbors, and our land.  It is not optional and is has no mercy.


And yet, for us, this war is not without hope.  First, the God of the universe fights for us and against Him no one can stand.  And second, when we walk with His Son, we are strong and can overcome the evil that desires to enslave and destroy us!

These are wonderful ideas, but how doe we actually live this out?  We are too busy, too afraid, too weak, and too distracted with the noise from the enemy that lulls us into a complacent stupor.  Deep down we know that there is more to this life than we are living, but the courage to actually embrace this reality eludes us.  So we make excuses about our schedules and our priorities.  We blame those around us because they fail to make us strong or drag us down. But who is really to blame for my sloth?  Who is truly responsible for my war readiness?

The truth is many of us desire to know God more fully and be more faithful in our lives.  However, desire is not enough.  Nor is it adequate to think that someone or something else is going to be responsible for our spiritual readiness.  It is up to me.  It is up to me to prepare for this war.  And it begins and ends with my alignment with God.

Like all warriors, the requirements are discipline and devotion.  (AKA a Rule of Life.)

ROLcombinedDo you have a Rule of Life?  Have you intentionally ordered your time, money, energy, family, possessions, and priorities around God?  Is your ROL balanced so that you are prepared for all areas of battle?  And are you executing your ROL?  Are you actually doing the things you know help you keep aligned with God?

If you do not have a Rule of Life, begin today.  Start by working through the “Rule of Life worksheet


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