Making disciples who change the world

What does it mean to not only experience transformation in my life, but also transform the world around me?

A while ago I was talking to my friend Alex McManus, who is on staff at Kensington and in charge of a regional church planting group called Vision 360.  He and his brother Irwin started an innovative church in California called Mosaic.  It gained a great deal of notoriety because of its creativity and it impact on the surrounding community.  Alex was telling me that they used to get calls from other churches around the country, asking them to come in and consult.  One pastor contacted him and said, ‘We have been a discipleship church for years and now we need to become an outreach church.’  Alex’s response was quite interesting.  He said he was a bit confused by the request and told him, ‘We don’t do that.  We believe if we do a good job of making disciples then outreach is a natural byproduct.’

Below is a link to a short video interview with Francis Chan and David Platt, in which they discuss this very idea.

Francis Chan and David Platt have written a number of good books that you can find in the C3 bookstore.