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Hockey Night

We are privileged to receive access to Red Wings Hockey Tickets at times.  Thanks to our good friend Tim! In the past we have used an automatic emailer.  We are now switching over to our website to handle these updates.  So, if you have received emails in the past announcing available games or you would

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Timeline of Israel’s History

Many people are frustrated when reading the Bible because it is not laid out in a chronological fashion and, thus, very confusing to piece together. One very helpful tool is a simple graphical timeline.  Attached, is a timeline I found online at  It takes a rather complex portion of Israel’s history and lays it out

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Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church

September 28, 2011Many parents and church leaders wonder how to most effectively cultivate durable faith in the lives of young people. A five-year project headed by Barna Group president David Kinnaman explores the opportunities and challenges of faith development among teens and young adults within a rapidly shifting culture. The findings of the research are

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ホーランド日本語礼拝 12月12日本格的な雪が降る中、午前カベナント教会で2回の礼拝 そのあと約3時間かけてホーランドにある神学校に向かいました。 雪で多くの教会礼拝が閉鎖となる中40名以上の学生、先生方が集まり クリスマスのみ言葉を分かち合いました。アメリカ人学生達がとても 流暢な日本語で話しかけてきて、卒業後は日本へ宣教に行きたいと話す 姿が印象的でした。 Share This Socially Hide Sites

Fantastic Read

‘From Eternity to Hear‘ is probably the best book I have read describing God’s eternal purpose for his people.  Viola does a masterful job of walking through the scriptures showing how it has been God’s purpose, since before creation, to have a people he could dwell in.  This is the radical biblical definition of  ‘the

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Online Bible Software

If you are looking for a good online service for reading Scripture is wonderful  If you register and login, it will remember where you last left off.  You can have multiple translations running in parallel.  Take a look and see what God might have to say to you.