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Emotional Health

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Have you ever wondered why, even though you know Jesus, believe in Him, and even see Him move in your life, there are still areas where you remain stuck.  Some of us have been Christians for a long time, our faith has grown but many of our behaviors and reactions have hardly

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Biblical Study Tools

There are a tremendous number of powerful Biblical tools available to everyone.  Below are a few online resources that you may find helpful: Bible Gateway ( This website offers a large number of Bible translations and tools. One nice feature is its ability to have parallel versions open at the same time.  Different translations can often

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Timeline of Israel’s History

Many people are frustrated when reading the Bible because it is not laid out in a chronological fashion and, thus, very confusing to piece together. One very helpful tool is a simple graphical timeline.  Attached, is a timeline I found online at  It takes a rather complex portion of Israel’s history and lays it out

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