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Church Leadership

One of the most critical components in the expansion of God’s Kingdom is the Leader.  However, Jesus redefines leadership.  Unlike the rest of the world, where leadership is tied to a position and designed for top down implementation, Jesus says, in His Kingdom leadership will be very different.  For Jesus, leadership is not positional and

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Fantastic Read

‘From Eternity to Hear‘ is probably the best book I have read describing God’s eternal purpose for his people.  Viola does a masterful job of walking through the scriptures showing how it has been God’s purpose, since before creation, to have a people he could dwell in.  This is the radical biblical definition of  ‘the

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Finance Update

Dear Friends and Partners of C3,   Summer is finally upon us.  Each year giving tends to dip during the summer months as many of us spend vacation time away from our church home.  This year, however, we are heading into summer’s dog days in a particularly precarious position.   The hard reality is that

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Must Read

One of the most important books I have read in years : “Living Water”, Brother Yun. Brother Yun is one of the house church leaders from China. He has been through unbelievable persecution and experienced some of the most remarkable movements of God! His first book, “The Heavenly Man” is his autobiography and an excellent

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Spontaneous Worship

Below is a wonderful video of a choir who spontaneously began to sing in a mall food court in Niagra on Nov. 13th.  I think it is fascinating how the choir emerges and changes the entire landscape from within and then disappears again. httpv://